The Long Grey Line Farm

Located in Alabama for 36 years, breeders of American Saddlebred Horses, AKC Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs, Registered Belted Galloway Cattle,  Heritage Turkeys, Pomeranian Geese and purebred Berkshire pigs.  The Farm no longer operates in Alabama.

Photo Gallery


Pacific Dawn (Konda Gale/ General Withers)  in Texas

Lee's Embra on the beach

Zeus in Oregon

Bugle Call Rag (Hell Cats' Reveille/West Point Cadet Sweetheart)

Bugle Call Rag

Rudo with Merrill Utley in Louisiana

Duke in Arizona

Steve and his family with their new Ridgeback puppy


January 2012.  Dewi and Bonnie,  Welsh Sheep Dog puppies in their new home

Terrwen at home in Idaho

The advertisement below appeared in NATIONAL HORSEMAN and BLUEGRASS HORSEMAN, as well as in several other magazines  in the early 1980s. (Please note that the area code has changed to 256.)  Before there was a computer search, I purchased a set of Registers and researched every available hour.  It was a labor of love for the American Saddle Horse.  The horse pictured with me is Hell Cats' Reveille.  The dog is Field Marshall MM, purchased from Walter McIlhenney's Rhodesian Ridgeback pack in Avery Island, Louisiana.  I am proud of the Morgan and Standard Trotting blood in our horses.  Our foundation stallions did not trace to my Great Grandfather's Trotting Horses at Fairlawn Stock Farm, Lexington, KY, but  in today's roster of stallions, Pacific Mist traces to both Almont and C.M.Clay, Jr.   Several broodmares also trace to these stallions, so General William Temple Withers' stock lives on today in the blood of  The Long Grey Line Farm. This makes me very proud of our heritage.


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