–> The Long Grey Line Farm began operation in Alabama early in 1976.  Hell Cats’ Reveille by Broadlands’ Kilarney and out of Evan’s Lula Twigg by Command Attention was selected to head the breeding program.  He was bred by W.W. Evans, Winds Aloft Farm, Louisville, Kentucky.  Soon another stallion, Badge of Gallantry by Gallant Guy O’Goshen and out of Autumn Twilight by Anderson Aire by Anderson Rex (full brother to Captain Courageous),  was also purchased from Winds Aloft Farm.  Mares who were eighteen to twenty one years of age were purchased to try to intensify some of the old bloodlines.  Today, their sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters are continuing the program to bring back the old bloodlines of Jack Twigg (for the beauty, very smooth trot and leggy motioned way of going) and King Barrymore (for the big strong hooves)  among others.  A special effort to intensify the Kalarama Rex bloodlines (to ensure stamina and athletic ability) has been carried out and today some of the most potent Kalarama Rex blood can be found jn our bloodlines. Nearly every world’s champion at Louisville each year traces to Kalarama Rex. Begun as a horse breeding farm, the Farm has changed to become a livestock breeding operation. Natural food is becoming more and more desirable. Our goal has always been to produce livestock without hormones, herbicides, pesticides, etc. This becomes a real challenge sometimes, but it is a goal worth pursuing. The Belted Galloway herd increased and as time went on, Martha realized that she needed to settle for smaller challenges and the horses were replaced with Dairy Goats and then Meat Goats. Today, the farm, relocated to North Central Florida, is becoming known for both Belted Galloway beef cattle and crossbred Savanna/Spanish/Kiko Meat Goats.