Welsh Sheep Dogs

–> We imported our pair from Wales. Bryn has turned out to be a wonderful herder and varmint dog, as well as a family friend and protector (He hates Armadillos and Possums.). Welsh Sheep Dogs will listen to voice and call off of any command without a down-stay and will accept a new command. I am very pleased with the breed and I couldn’t get along without Bryn now. We imported another pair Fall 2017.   If you have livestock, you need a Welsh Sheep Dog!  Both Bryn and Target have been certified by the Welsh Sheep Dog Registry in Wales. We have bred and sold several litters across the USA and into Canada. However, Bryn is getting on in years, and we will no longer breed him.

–> Bryn, the male Welsh Sheep Dog, has proven to be an excellent stock dog, without any formal training. I could not gather the stock without him! He goes out alone and brings in the milk cow, works the Belted Galloway herd, gathers the goats and drives them to the barn, and checks at night outside the barn and brings in the stray chickens and turkeys. All of this is on voice and hand signals…. an exceptional stock dog! Bryn always checks the fields and when he doesn’t come in or barks, we know to go out to check. He finds the newborn babies who didn’t follow their mama to the barn, as well as the occasional goat with its head caught in the fence. I cannot say enough good about the Welsh Sheep Dogs. They are also great Versatility and Frisbee dogs


Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs

AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks of recently imported African lineage are usually for sale. Our former senior stud dog’s dam was imported from Zimbabwe.  Wanu died in late 2006, just short of his tenth birthday. His son, Justa Nutta Tsu (dam, African Tsu), stepped up to breeding duties in 2007, and now his son, Justa Tsu Again, fills that role. Regrettably he died in early 2020We imported a pair from South Africa in 2002. Zula and African Tsu have proven to be just what we needed in our breeding program. Zula Tsu’s Sun died in June 2020. We currently are pursuing the acquisition of a new male. Lena Tsu may produce our next sire.

AKC puppies are $1200, but occasionally are priced for less, depending upon bloodlines. For several years, we have had Zac at Cerulean Pear Pet Transport deliver our puppies. Zac is caring, quick and honest…what greater recommendation is there?… He has transported puppies for us across the USA and Canada. We are always happy to have the puppies picked up at the farm. We have bred Rhodesian Ridgebacks for more than 45 years. The first  three stud dogs that we owned were sired by imported stock or by sons of imported stock. Add in our imported blood from South Africa and Zimbabwe, plus a female from yet another imported line, and you have a very good genetic mix. Our goal has always been to produce livestock dogs who could earn their keep by working with domestic stock, yet be faithful family dogs as well. Some of our stock has gone on to be working farm dogs and hunting dogs, a few have gone to the show ring, many have completed obedience and service dog programs and a few were acquired by a State prison system to track escaped prisoners. A
Rhodesian Ridgeback is a hound. They are energetic, run at 30 MPH for distance and are hard-headed sometimes. They are big and will consume and an appropriate amount of
food. We love them but they aren’t the dog for everybody, so read up and try to visit one before you decide to buy. Call, text or email if you have questions. I operate a livestock
farm, but I try to answer quickly.

Belted Galloway & Mashona Cattle

BELTED GALLOWAY BEEF FOR SALE (We hope to have Mashona beef for sale in 2023.) It is sold as a traditional quarter or side, cut to your specifications. This beef is from a grass-fed and a little grain finished animal.  We currently feed round bales of hay that we grow and bale plus Tennessee Orchard Grass and a little feed at night to keep the cows friendly and happy. We do not use any antibiotics or steroids on our cattle and the fields have had no insecticide, pesticide or herbicide on them for 29 years. The beef is lean and flavorful. Price of live animal is paid to the farm for a side or quarter. We transport at no additional charge. Hanging weight plus the processing fee is paid to the processor. You may designate how it is cut if buying a half or whole. A quarter is about100 pounds or a little less, hanging weight. Final cost is about $12-$14/pound. This price is just about equal to Walmart or Publix Angus Grass Fed prices. We will continue to pursue a most healthful route in raising our animals. We do not use chemical fertilizer on the fields, only manure from our animals. We do not feed antibiotics or hormones and no pesticides, herbicides or defoliants are used on the fields. Learning what grasses will grow in North Central Florida sand has been a real challenge, but we seem to have met the challenge. The fields are green and the quality of forage is improving. We use five Pyrenees and one Maremma livestock guardian dogs to keep our herd of cattle and goats safe from predators and intruders.

Meat Goats – Savanna/Spanish Composites

Meat Goats For Sale – Young meat goats are usually for sale. They range in size from 45 to 60 pounds. Wethers and bucks are priced at $175 each and up, depending upon weight and quality. If you want them slaughtered and left as half or quarters or as custom cut, you must order and pay for them at least 10 days before pick up. They will be frozen. Prices are whatever the current abattoir charges, $45 base fee plus $1.00 per pound. This plant is USDA inspected facility. If USDA meat inspection is desired, the charge will be higher and special arrangements will have to be made for me to transport to Ocala.  I am currently unable to do this.

BABY GOATS FOR SALE – Baby goats arrive in clusters throughout the year……cross bred Savannah, Spanish, Kiko, Boer. They are out of crossbred dams with some Alpine or Sannen added to produce more milk. 

I have a few doelings each kidding season for sale. Doelings are priced at $300. Spanish doelings are priced at $350. Very few mature does are ever sold. I have a large herd and need to keep very few doelings now. The reason that I have added Spanish, Kiko and Savanna (also called White Goats in South Africa) meat goats to our herd is that the breeds are hardy and less susceptible to internal parasites and disease than the Boer goats. I have does, who are Boer crosses, but no purebred Boers in the herd. All kids are at least 50% Savanna. I do not register any goats since they are produced for the table. The Savanna is a native of South Africa and the Kiko is a native of New Zealand. They will add even more vigor, parasite resistance, rapid growth and size. The goats are clearing out an area of brush since goats are more a browse than grazing animal. I continue to plant browse and new varieties of forage each season. The fields are improving with our new rotation system. Our goats are fed a very small amount of pellets (less than one quarter pound per goat) plus round bales of hay. We use no herbicides, pesticides, or defoliants on our land and the animals receive no routine antibiotics or hormones. We try to avoid GMOs in our program. We rotate pastures to help combat parasites. We use one Maremma and five Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs to protect the herds from predators and intruders. 

Goat meat has less cholesterol than chicken. The meat is mild, more like chicken or fine pork than beef or venison. I use the ground meat just like I do ground beef or pork. I have found a spice, Tzar Dust Memories, sold by Penzey’s Spice that is superb on the goat meat. The stew meat or ground meat is excellent seasoned with Sweet Curry, which is mild, not hot like regular Curry, and served over rice.  Our goats are processed at a USDA inspected facility just like the beef or pork. Ground or pieces are usually in one pound packages but can be packaged as desired. Sorry, but I can’t sell individual pieces, only in bulk. The meat can be custom cut if you desire specific cuts. All processing is done by special order.


The Meishan is a medium size pig. We just harvested our first pig and the meat is everything that we have been told. I have one boar piglet, a couple of barrows and gilts for sale at $175. When ready for the processor, price will be $250 plus the processing fee.