Welsh Sheep Dogs

–> We imported our pair from Wales. Bryn has turned out to be a wonderful herder and varmint dog, as well as a family friend and protector (He hates Armadillos and Possums.). Welsh Sheep Dogs will listen to voice and call off of any command without a down-stay and will accept a new command. I am very pleased with the breed and I couldn’t get along without Bryn now. We imported another pair Fall 2017. Puppies sell for $600 after eight weeks, which is an exceptional bargain.  If you have livestock, you need a Welsh Sheep Dog! We have bred a female, “Target”, to Bryn and have puppies right now. Both Bryn and Target have been certified by the Welsh Sheep Dog Registry in Wales. Contact Martha if you wish to reserve a puppy.

–> Bryn, the male Welsh Sheep Dog, has proven to be an excellent stock dog, without any formal training. I could not gather the stock without him! He goes out alone and brings in the milk cow, works the Belted Galloway herd, gathers the goats and drives them to the barn, and checks at night outside the barn and brings in the stray chickens and turkeys. All of this is on voice and hand signals…. an exceptional stock dog! Bryn always checks the fields and when he doesn’t come in or barks, we know to go out to check. He finds the newborn babies who didn’t follow their mama to the barn, as well as the occasional goat with its head caught in the fence. I cannot say enough good about the Welsh Sheep Dogs. They are also great Versatility and Frisbee dogs